It all started with international opera singer/composer/ Louis Gentile, as he wanted to take a break after over 30 successful years on the great stages of the world, to work together with his music-profi children in the genre of his first love ... rock and pop music!

To exibit different styles between rock and pop, Louis Gentile began recording a large repertoire of songs in his profi recording studio in Bonn Germany. (Guitar, drums, piano, bass etc.) The resulting tracks were so good, Louis decided to try and see if he could offer a solo act based on playing live (guitar) and singing live to the tracks! The sound of a full rock/pop band with just one person! The response was so overwhleming, that "Gentile Event" was formed!

Not long after this, daughter Alma was added to the line up. This duo with a big fresh vocal sound became an immediate hit! (this year for instance, Alma and Louis celebrate their 7th season at the famous Milchbar on the island of Norderney!

Because of the area they live in, there is a big influence from "Kölsch music!" This is where Kölsch expert WERNER EUSKIRCHEN comes in! The kombination of Kölsch with Rock and Pop is simply not to be beaten!

To make what already rocks rock even MORE, enter German guitar legend and Metal expert "WINNI GUT!" Winni puts that etra HARD edge on the evening with blazing solos and a thick hypnotic guiatr sound. Louis with Winni, or Louis Winni and Alma, or also with Werner ... all combinations assure musical excellence and and electric atmosphere!

Lara and Daniel Gentile however, are for a more refined acoustic setting. They can also rock with the best of them, however, their music is based in amazing acoustic quaity (guitar, violin) as well as vocal excellence.

Now you take this whole family, Louis together with Alma, Daniel, Lara and Winni (LIVE WITHOUT background tracks) and you have the already establshed and well known rock band „Rock Company!“

Maybe you just need Louis alone? Or with Alma? Or Louis, Alma and Werner? Or Louis, Alma and Winni? Any and ALL combinations are available! Gentile Event adjusts to your needs to assure the success of your event!

Gentile Event is an ever growing collection of professional and seasoned musicians who offer an UNSURPASSED quality musical experience!

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